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empower women. change the world.

microcredit: empower women, change the world

Women in developing countries need help getting access to capital to help them start or grow businesses. The concept of ‘microcredit’ – small loans distributed to individuals or to groups of women – has been shown to work as a way to help empower female entrepreneurs who would not otherwise have access to capital.

  • Microfinance institutions extend very small, uncollateralised loans to impoverished people, generally women, who want to start or expand an income generating business,
  • TIAW provides grants to several non-profit microfinance institutions that serve these women through a network of programs and activities including individual entrepreneur support, financial education for women, and Village Banks.
  • Village Banks:
    • These Village Banks deliver the loan capital to groups of women borrowers at community gatherings. A Village Bank serves between 13 and 40 women, each of whom guarantees that she and her co-borrowers will repay their loans.
    • Once the loan is repaid the microfinance institution informs TIAW and then loans the capital in perpetuity, exponentially helping more women in the community over time.

Donation goal

From 01 July 2020 we are supporting FINCA's Emergency Response Fund for women in business who have been disproportionally affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Each TIAW donation of $800 to the FINCA Emergency Response Fund will support two women small- and microbusiness owners.
Goal: $800.00
Collected: $240.00

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The International Alliance for Women (TIAW)
13905 S Tekoa Street, Spokane WA USA 99203-2740

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TIAW (The International Alliance for Women) is a charitable foundation. TIAW is unrelated to and not the same organization as IAW (International Alliance of Women Equal Rights - Equal Opportunities).

TIAW is organized as a 501(c)3 foundation in the USA.

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