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mandy goetze award

Marian E. (Mandy) Goetze played a pivotal role in TIAW right from the beginning when she attended planning sessions in 1979 as a representative of the Baltimore Executive Women's Network. She was a founding board member when the organization was first created in 1980 and named the National Association of Professional & Executive Women’s Networks. Mandy was here throughout our evolution from NAPEWN to TIA (The International Alliance) to where we are today as The International Alliance for Women. Mandy was behind many of the initiatives that built TIAW’s impact and influence, including a series of ten annual Washington Briefings where she brought policy-makers and women leaders together to hear about the most important issues of the day. She also organized four European meetings that led to what was then the National Alliance to adopt its international orientation.

As someone who represented the heart and soul of this organization it was only fitting that there be an award in her honor: the Mandy Goetze  Award; an award that is bestowed annually to a TIAW member who has made an outstanding contribution to TIAW, whether it is a long-standing effort or an exceptional achievement in a specific time frame. 

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TIAW (The International Alliance for Women) is a charitable foundation. TIAW is unrelated to and not the same organization as IAW (International Alliance of Women Equal Rights - Equal Opportunities).

TIAW is organized as a 501(c)3 foundation in the USA.

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