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2020 Virtual Award Ceremony and 40th Year ceremony

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2020 World of Difference Awards

Who Should Attend?

The TIAW Global Forum and World of Difference Awards events are for those with an interest in leadership and advancement. In a compact format that allows you maximum benefit in a jam-packed agenda, the Global Forum brings stellar speakers and panels to you while allowing ample time to network, make connections and continue the lively discussions that our panels provoke.

Add to that the elegant and inspiring TIAW World of Difference Awards Dinner which promises to be an extraordinary event for truly extraordinary women!

Here's what 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, Candace Johnson, said about her experience at the Global Forum in Washington, DC:

"I was tremendously honored to meet highly qualified committed women during the TIAW Global Forum and to learn more about the substantial programs they and their members have put in place around the world to advance, mentor, educate, and promote women. Each woman of TIAW makes a difference and the multiplier effect is huge.”

Why Attend?

Because you can make a difference - to your career and to the global movement that empowers women in the pivotal role they play in the progress and development of societies worldwide. Take this rare opportunity to engage in important debates, meet other leaders and build the networks that are critical to success and advancement in a global economy.

You are someone who thinks about more than today or tomorrow. You think about business, how it’s run, where it is headed and how you fit in. You also think about the world and how we can ensure women are enabled to make a full contribution to the social and economic development of society. You want to make connections and build bridges. And you lead. You live the words of George Bernard Shaw who said, "Some see things as they are and ask why. I dream of things that never were and ask why not.”

Why not connect, learn and make a difference? We look forward to seeing you there!

TIAW UN Call to Action

The TIAW Global Forum is a yearly opportunity to bring together influential women from around the world to meet, exchange ideas and discuss important issues. The 2014 Global Forum was an extraordinary session with a wide range of substantive discussions taking place. One of the goals of the Forum is to inspire action beyond the gathering to fully leverage the collective knowledge, insight and recommendations on how to mobilize change.

With a goal to share outcomes of these important discussions at the 2014 Global Forum in Washington DC in March, a group of TIAW members with deep experience in international development drafted recommendations to be forwarded to the UN under the aegis of Amanda Ellis, New Zealand's Ambassador, Head of Mission and Permanent Representative for United Nations and Honorary Patron of the 2013 TIAW World of Difference Awards.

Click here for the full declaration.

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