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2015 World of Difference Award Recipients

8 Oct 2015 8:05 AM | Anonymous

TIAW has two awards programs to recognize extraordinary individuals whose efforts have advanced the economic empowerment of women locally, regionally or worldwide. TIAW recognizes one woman of distinguished, longstanding achievement through the TIAW World of Difference Lifetime Achievement Award and recognizes up to 100 recipients of the TIAW

World of Difference 100 Award for those who have made a significant contribution to the economic empowerment of women. These distinguished awards are presented at the TIAW Awards Gala Ceremony, in conjunction with the TIAW Global Forum, a must-attend gathering of dynamic women from around the world.

The TIAW World of Difference Lifetime Achievement Award is our most prestigious individual award. This honor is bestowed each year to one woman whose longstanding championship of women’s economic advancement is truly outstanding and has made an international impact.

This year nominations were received from 54 different countries and provided a vivid look at the inspiring work that women - and men - around the world are doing to support the economic empowerment of women. The recipients cover a wide range of activities on six continents and we are proud to be able to recognize the vital work that they do, often with few resources and many obstacles.

Fatema Abdulwahed M Al. Ahmed, Bahrain, Public Service/Government

Miranda Abrahams, UK, Corporate

Olajumoke Adenowo, Nigeria, Non-Profit/NGO

Muna Al Gurg, UAE, Corporate

Rohini Anand, USA, Corporate

Julie Ankers, Australia, Education

Meaza Ashenafi, Ethiopia, Entrepreneurship

Marsha Bailey, USA, Entrepreneurship

StephanieBaric, USA, Non-Profit/NGO

Julie Barker-Merz, Canada, Corporate

Avil Beckford, Canada, Entrepreneurship

Ida Beerhalter, Germany, Corporate

Elaine Bellezza, USA, Entrepreneurship

Ameera Bin Karam, UAE, Non-Profit/NGO

Paola Bonomo, Italy, Entrepreneurship

Claire Braund & Ruth Medd, Australia, Education

Sonia Brown, UK, Entrepreneurship

Ineke Bussemaker, The Netherlands, Corporate

Donnetta Campbell, USA, Entrepreneurship

Margareth Chacha, Tanzania, Corporate

Nadereh Chamlou, USA, Corporate

Maria Helena deFelipe Lehtonen, Spain, Entrepreneurship

Ruth DeGolia, USA, Non-Profit/NGO

Dana Derani,Syria, Non-Profit/NGO

Marcia Dyson, USA, Entrepreneurship

Meryam El Ouafi, Morocco, Non-Profit/NGO

Rima El-Husseini, Lebanon, Entrepreneurship

Patricia Ellis, USA, Non-Profit/NGO DC

Gladys England, Sierra Leone, Entrepreneurship

Denise Evans, USA, Corporate

Stephenie Foster, USA, Public Service/Government

Farah Foustok, UK, Corporate

Lynne Franks, UK, Entrepreneurship

Margot Franssen, Canada, Non-Profit/NGO

Joanne Gassman, Canada, Corporate

Malli Gero & Stephanie Sonnabend, USA, Non-Profit/NGO

Maria Leonor Gerona-Robredo, Philippines, Public Service/Government

Kirsten Gillibrand, USA, Public Service/Government

Caroline Graham, UK, Community

Pamela Heilman, USA, Entrepreneurship

Tanya Hine, UK, Entrepreneurship

Hind Hobeika, Lebanon, Entrepreneurship

Thanan Hok, Cambodia, Entrepreneurship

Ling-Hsiang (Sunny) Huang, Taiwan, Public Service/Government

Marina Hughson, Serbia, Non-Profit/NGO

Clara Isama, USA, Non-Profit/NGO

Elizabeth Isele, USA, Entrepreneurship

Narmin Ismail, Canada, Education/Community (2noms)

Susanne Jalbert, USA, Entrepreneurship

Marieme Jamme, UK, Non-Profit/NGO

Pamela Jeffery, Canada, Entrepreneurship

Dorothy Kanduhukye, Uganda, Entrepreneurship

Maha Khatib, Jordan, Non-Profit/NGO

Dr. Sufiana Khatoon, Pakistan Education

Shulamith Koenig, USA, Non-Profit/NGO

Rano Kosimova, Tajikistan, Non-Profit/NGO

Iwona Kozera, Poland, Non-Profit/NGO

Dr Kellie Leitch, Canada, Public Service/Government

Isabella Lenarduzzi, Belgium, Entrepreneurship

Chin Mei Lu, Taiwan, Non-Profit/NGO

Mariam Luyombo, Uganda, Education

Kalairasi Manikam, Malaysia, Entrepreneurship

Mariam Matar, UAE, Public Service/Government

Josie Mousseau, Canada, Public Service/Government

Sally Muggeridge, UK, Corporate

Indrani Mukherjee, India, Entrepreneurship

Tahira Naseem, Pakistan, Community

Janet Nkubana, Rwanda, Entrepreneurship

Odette Nyrimilamo, Rwanda, Public Service/Government

Yaneek Page, Jamaica, Entrepreneurship

Claudia Parzani, Italy, Community

Lynne Patterson, USA, Entrepreneurship

Joyce Phekani, Malawi, Non-Profit/NGO

Lisa Marie Platske, USA, Entrepreneurship

Linda Resnick, USA, Entrepreneurship

Denise Restauri, USA, Entrepreneurship

Pramila Acharya Rijal, Nepal, Non-Profit/NGO

Andrena Sawyer, USA, Community

Linda Scott, UK, Public Service/Government

Veronika Scott, USA, Young Woman Leader

Diane Sears, USA, Non-Profit/NGO

Beena Sebastian, India, Non-Profit/NGO

Alicia Sierra, Mexico, Non-Profit/NGO

Sevi Simavi, UK, Entrepreneurship

Marilyn Skony Stamm, USA, Education

Nicole Still, Italy, Entrepreneurship

Shahnaz Taplin, USA, Non-Profit/NGO

Tina Tchen & Valerie Jarrett, USA, Public Service/Government

Yvonne Thompson, UK, Entrepreneurship

Rashmi Tiwari, India, Community

Myra Leigh Tobin, USA, Corporate

Brenda Trenowden, UK, Corporate

Yasemin Tumer, The Netherlands, Entrepreneurship

Katarzyna Twarowska, Poland, Non-Profit/NGO

Josefina Urzaiz, USA, Entrepreneurship

Cristina Vicini, Italy, Non-Profit/NGO

Beverly Wybrow, Canada, Non-Profit/NGO

Junko Yoda, Singapore, Non-Profit/NGO

Janet Zagorin, USA, Corporate

Tatyana Zrelova, Russia, Corporate


For some time, TIAW has recognized men as champions for outstanding individual contribution and effort to organizations, and achievements in the corporate world, which support the economic empowerment of women.

Ved Arya, India

Paul Bainsfair, UK

Waswa Balunya, Uganda

David Chavern, USA

Moctar Mamadou Diallo, Mauritania

Tung Do, Vietnam

Bart Egnal, Canada

Umar Kasule, Uganda

Hayden Majajas, Hong Kong

Akira Matsumoto, Japan

Jinsar Hussain Soomro, Pakistan

2015 World of Difference Award Winners and Champions Stories

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