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2013 World of Difference 100 Award Recipients | Page 7
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 Yetunde A. Odugbesan-Omede      United States of America        Non-Profit/NGO

Yetunde A. Odugbesan-Omede, is the CEO and Founder of Yetunde Global Consulting LLC., a management consulting firm which specializes in leadership development and training, organizational management and global business strategies. She is also the Founder of Young Woman’s Guide, an organization that links young girls to mentors. It also stages events focused on women’s empowerment, offering resources and opportunities to get involved with philanthropic and humanitarian initiatives geared toward female development. She is also the creator of the online forum, Putting Your Best Self Forward providing personal and professional advice. Her commitment to youth development, education, leadership, women’s and girl’s empowerment is reflected by her continuous work with organizations like Teboho Trust based in South Africa, Friends of Teboho, Inc., Global Woman Leadership Collaborative, Clinton Global Initiative, SHE Summit Week, New York Needs You, Young Woman’s Guide and others. She is an international motivational speaker and proponent of political inclusion and greater representation of women in government. In 2010, she met with the First Lady of Nigeria to discuss tangible solutions to alleviate youth unemployment and increase social and economic entrepreneurship for women. Ms. Odugbesan-Omede is currently a Ph.D. (ABD) candidate at Division of Global Affairs and an Adjunct Faculty Member of Political Science at Rutgers University in New Jersey.

Olivier Oger     France         Champion, Women’s Economic Empowerment

Executive Director of the EDHEC Business School since 1988, Olivier Oger has been a visionary key player in encouraging the participation of more women on the boards of publicly listed companies. He was instrumental in the success of the European Business Schools/Women on Boards initiative and the Global Board Ready Women (GBRW) database, started by EDHEC board member and head of the Global Women’s Telecommunications Associations, Candace Johnson and European Commission Vice-President, Viviane Reding. Mr. Oger has championed the involvement of EDHEC in this initiative, particularly its role as the leading business school sponsoring the GBRW project. The early commitment and active support of Mr. Oger and EDHEC have been crucial in the success of the initiative. A Professor of Economics, he was responsible for a research unit at the Catholic University of Lille between 1974 and 1988. He is a member of the Steering Committee of the EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development) and served as a member of the EQUIS Accreditation Committee in Brussels from 2000 to 2007. Mr. Oger holds a seat at the Lille Grand Committee, the Council of Development of Lille Métropole, the Steering Committee of the World Forum of Responsible Economy in Lille and is a member of the Higher Council of the FUPL (Institute of Lille University Federation) and the International Advisory Board of the University of Maastricht.

Ade Onilude      United Kingdom        Community

Ade Onilude is a passionate advocate for the economic empowerment of women. Aside from her "day job” she is the founder of Women in Marketing organisation, which has sought to recognize and empower women in the Marketing profession since 2004. The first Women in Marketing event was held in March 2004 to coincide with an International Women's day celebration. Ms. Ade has single-mindedly focused on using this day as the platform for the annual conference which she has managed to deliver with a minimal amount of external funding nor paid staff. Each conference tackles a timely and relevant theme which is presented by primarily female thought leaders in that field/sector. WIM event themes have varied from Work life balance, branding ethical Marketing to global marketing. Ms. Ade launched the Women in Marketing Awards in 2010 with the aim of promoting the achievement of women in the marketing sphere. The awards have recognized highly accomplished women in Google, Boots, and other globally recognized brands. She has a very strong sense of altruism and each conference aims to support a not-for-profit including Brook-Sexual Health Charity, Women for Women International UK and Bull Dog Trust Philanthropy.

Pamela Parizek     United States of America     Community

Pamela Parizek is a forensic Partner in the Washington DC office of KPMG LLP and leads the DC global investigations practice. In that capacity, she leads and mentors extraordinary teams of local and global women, and from the KPMG platform, furthers the economic empowerment of women by serving as co-chair of the DC Chapter of Women Corporate Directors (WCD), and as a board member of several non-profit organizations geared toward women and education, including Global Kids, Adventures for the Mind Foundation, SEC Historical Society, and KPMG’s Families for Literacy. Ms. Parizek has a long history of community service activities that spans 30 years. As co-chair of the DC Chapter of WCD, she promotes the interest of women on boards by developing programs for women to interact and share experiences serving on corporate boards. WCD is the only global membership organization of Women Corporate Directors, working together, to ensure best practices in corporate governance around the world. WCD has become a true champion for women directors and a vital source of expertise that promotes women diversity in the boardroom. As a board member for the Adventures for the Mind Foundation, Pam advances the interests of global women by helping to promote entrepreneurial activities, mentorship, and networking with influential women in the US, South America, and throughout the world.

Ella Peinovich      United States of America     Entrepreneurship

For the past 3 years, Ella Peinovich, has worked as a social entrepreneur in and around the informal settlements of East Africa. As the current CEO of Soko Inc., Africa’s first mobile marketplace, Ella has a passion for engineering solutions applicable to international development with a focus on women’s needs. Ella first developed the idea for SOKO, while working in the slums around Nairobi, after witnessing the amazing cultural capital produced by the artisan community and yet the disproportionately low economic value placed on the artisans’ work. Ella and SOKO empower women through e-commerce by creating the tools for trade that enable any artisan to connect directly to web-based consumers, using a simple mobile phone, even if they lack access to the internet, a computer, or a bank account. Since Ella founded the company in May 2012, SOKO has recruited over 250 artisans from Kenya, to sell their crafts online to the international market, increasing their earnings on average by three fold. Women in Africa produce 60-80% of the continent’s goods; yet they earn only 10% of the incomes. SOKO aims to promote more equitable and distributed international trade for over 100,000 artisans by 2015 and help eradicate economic discrimination against women. SOKO’s proprietary technology and framework, developed by Ella while in her graduate studies at MIT, transform the ubiquitous mobile phone into a tool that expands access to economic opportunity for women in underserved communities, to work their way out of poverty in ways that are both sustainable and dignified.

Rachel Petero     New Zealand      Young Women Leaders
Rachel Petero came to Qatar from London in January 2012 to join her husband. From her time of arrival when she knew no-one, Rachel recognized there was no central body of inspiration for Qatari Women. She empathized with the women in this traditional culture, and realised how she could support leading them towards economic empowerment, working throughout their own community, by sharing skills and creating a sharing environment for change and growth. Rachel created 'Women Leading Change, Qatar' as a platform from which to develop, nurture and promote the emerging talent of Qatari Women. In one year she created Symposia, built programs and initiatives to connect, educate and promote young women within Qatar and Internationally. Using her skills, money and energy Rachel created an inspiring vision and vehicle to bring Qatar Young Leaders together and lead them into a brighter future. In this short time, WLC has germinated many independent initiatives and active entrepreneurs who now have their own momentum and passion. Rachel has focused on the growth of economic and entrepreneurial skills for young women and engaged Qatari corporate leaders, government and ministries to participate and support these WLC programmes and initiatives. Rachel has tirelessly and with tremendous passion, worked to connect, develop and promote young Qatari women. Rachel believes that Women will ultimately lead the country of Qatar.

H. E. Madam Penehupifo Pohamba      Namibia        Non-Profit/NGO

In 2009 a former street kid, living openly with HIV and AIDS, started an NGO in Namibia, called the Miss Heritage World Organisation. As she was looking for a strong, dynamic and influential person to be the organization’s Patron, a request was made to Madam Penehupifo Pohamba, First Lady of the Republic of Namibia. Madam Pohamba graciously accepted the invitation and with her strong leadership and determination as Patron, helped the organisation grow from strength to strength. Miss Heritage World Organization currently has 40 national Directors in 40 countries around the world. 80% are young women who are spearheading the Miss Heritage World Organisation in their countries. These young women are making a living through organizing events such as fashion shows, beauty pageants and tourism in their respective countries. Most of those young women, as they were encouraged by the Patron, came from villages in rural areas. Madam Pohamba is tireless in her efforts, always striving for women’s economic empowerment, mostly at a rural level. She contributes financially as well to various women’s projects in villages, in order to help more women make a living. Through her selfless sacrifices, support and dedication to the empowerment of rural women in our society, Madam Pohamba has truly made a world of difference and offers a shining example to encourage other African First Ladies to emulate her excellent example.

Carolann Harding      Canada      Public Service/Government

In the early 1990s a young woman, Carolann Harding, won the Youth Entrepreneur of the Year award for the province of Newfoundland and Labrador (NL), a great accomplishment within itself. However no one was aware then just how this young woman would take her business passion and positively impact hundreds of business women in the years that followed. Carolann Harding dissolves the image of a paper-pushing public servant. With her quiet respect, brilliant mind and long reaching foresight she starts her day with women business owners (WBOs) on her mind. Her objective is to empower them to not only dream, but to dream big! She coaches them to discover just where they want their business to be in five years. She comes from the understanding, through personal experience, that some women begin their business out of need and that financial assistance is necessary for survival. In her role as International Trade Officer, Innovation, Business and Rural Development, Government of NL, Carollann helps companies discover markets and market entry strategies that can help them grow their business and explore and reach export markets with the Province’s largest trading partner, the USA. Along with NLOWE”s (Newfoundland Labrador Organization of Women Entrepreneurs) Deborah Youden, Carolann’s team work creates an unstoppable force in the economic empowerment for the province’s business women. She is an individual who sees the broader picture and sees how she can use her skills to help others reach their goals.

Selma Prodanovic      Austria       Entrepreneurship

An Austrian Entrepreneur of Bosnian Origin and Philanthropist known also as a Business Angel with a special Investment approach. She founded Brainswork the boutique business developer with an independent office in the USA and 132 partners worldwide. She has lectured on networking and entrepreneurship at numerous universities around Europe promoting women. Brainswork is the first development network for highly talented teenagers in disadvantaged communities, but helping women at all stages in life is her main aim. She is also the founder & President of IncrediblEurope.

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