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October 2013


In This Issue

1. International Day of the Girl Child
2. A Girl Child Today an Empowered Woman Tomorrow
3. TIAW Announces Maxine Westaway to Receive 2013 Mandy Goetze 21st Century Award
4. Celebrate Girls on October 11

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May 25 - May 31, 2014

Join TIAW Daughters for a 1-week volunteer mission to Costa Rica.
As a volunteer, you’ll have the opportunity to work alongside local organizations as they work to address societal issues affecting women and girls.

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Celebrate Girls on October 11

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President's Message

Dear colleagues and friends,

Did you know that October 11 is the "Day of the Girl Child”? The United Nations has declared this year’s theme as "Innovating for Girls’ Education".    Join the celebration on October 11 by sharing your ideas on Facebook.

I cannot help but recall the horrific shooting of Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai as a result of her advocacy for education. During an interview today on the BBC World News, Malala commented that "terrorists are afraid of the power of education”, and she is quite right (read more about Malala here).

On October 11, the world will mark the second International Day of the Girl. The theme of the first Day was "Ending child marriage”. While the international community has long argued that girls (and boys) should not be married before the age of 18, recent data on provided by Plan United Kingdom states that about 14 million girls each year before their 18th taken out of school, have little power over their own lives, and run into health problems with pregnancy and birth because their bodies are not ready.

That’s why we should all be encouraged that the theme for this year is "Innovating for Girls’ Education”. A child’s right to education is enshrined in the 1990 Convention on the Rights of the Child and there is potent evidence that keeping girls in school, both primary and secondary, transforms both the lives of the girls but also their societies.

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A Girl Child Today an Empowered Woman Tomorrow

What does the day of the Girl Child mean to the readers of this e-Connections article? How can you begin to make a difference in the life of a young girl, a future woman?

There is no lack of literature on the inequities toward young girls throughout our world, even within our own nations and local towns there still exists forms of discrimination toward girls.

When we reflect on our own schooling and work experience we can see that woman have certainly made empowerment gains but much more needs to be done. If we look at a social-psychological model
of development for the young girl there exists three levels in which she learns and grows; her family, her school and her society. Long held non-supportive attitudes toward girls can exist at one or all of these levels.

How then can we affect change?

TIAW Announces Maxine Westaway to Receive 2013 Mandy Goetze 21st Century Award

TIAW is pleased to announce that Maxine Westaway has been named the 2013 recipient of the Mandy Goetze 21st Century Award, an honor that is bestowed each year to a member of TIAW who has made an extraordinary contribution to the development of the organization.

If there is a role to play at TIAW, chances are Maxine Westaway has been involved. For more than 15 years, she has undertaken a succession of roles, from TIAW member to board member, founding member of the TIAW Microcredit initiative, instigator and leader of trade missions, organizer and participant in TIAW International Trips to Bulgaria, Chile and Hong Kong, Microcredit Donor Trips to a variety of countries, TIAW Global Forum champion and organizer, President of the Board, Executive Director and head of Membership. Despite Maxine’s retirement last year she continues to be a very active supporter of TIAW and was recently appointed as the Director of the Microcredit Program where she continues to build on this flagship initiative.

Everything Maxine does, she does with no less than a 100% effort. She has tirelessly championed TIAW since the mid 1990s when she first became involved and in her many roles since then has been unflagging in her support and passion for the organization.

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