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May 2013


In This Issue

1. Micro Credit As The Way To Financial Independence...
2. Your Bottom Line and Personal Beliefs

3. My Part of Building the Nation- Financial Growth
4. Financial Growth in the Spring Season

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My Part of Building the Nation- Financial Growth

Financial Growth in the Spring Season

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President's Message

Dear colleagues and friends,

During May of 2008 Maxine Westaway and I attended the Global Summit of Women, an international conference held in Santiago, Chile. The summit is attended by dozens of governmental ministers and international corporate executives as well as hundreds of professional and entrepreneurial women. It is a remarkable exchange of ideas and best practices from governmental agencies, corporations, NGOs and small businesses that have all discovered the power of working in unison to achieve goals. This year’s Global Summit will be held June 6 in Kuala Lumpur. Your TIAW is a Global Partner of the Global Summit, and two of our ambassadors are speaking at this year’s event.

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Help "Make a Difference" in a Woman's Life

A small donation in support of the TIAW Global Forum and World of Difference Awards will make a significant impact and with just a few dollars, YOU can make a difference in someone's life!


Micro Credit As The Way To Financial Independence For Women In Developing Countries

TIAW is committed to improving the economic security for women around the world.

A woman's most basic needs and desires are simple. She needs a safe, dry place to sleep. She needs enough to eat. She needs shoes and clothes to wear. She wantsher children to have their needs met, and she puts their needs above her own. She wants to make a better life for her family -- regular meals, education for the children, some medicine when they are sick. Women are strong and incredibly resilient, but for those women in developing countries, extreme poverty -- living on less than $1 per day -- crushes the ability to achieve even these simple goals. So the last basic need is the need to find a way up. A woman needs to be able to earn enough to better her life and secure her family's future.

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Your Bottom Line and Personal Beliefs

Did you know that your beliefs can limit your financial growth?

Common knowledge dictates, for the most part, that financial growth is dependent on financial knowledge and understanding combined with the particular market in which one is involved.

Through my life coaching I have worked with business women who have limited their potential financial growth due their personal beliefs. They had their business plan in place which included a well defined five year strategy, however they as business women were feeling stuck, not able to navigate the path they had set for themselves.

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