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June 2013


In This Issue

1. Volunteering Abroad
2. One Woman

3. What Does Volunteerism Mean to People With Disabilities?
4. Three Biggest Benefits to Volunteering

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Three Biggest Benefits to Volunteering

News Around the World:

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President's Message

Dear colleagues and friends,

With the passing of dearly loved friends I find myself recalling the impression they made on my life. One in particular often said "what goes around comes around”, usually in response to something smart that I’d said, and his words always provoked a laugh because I knew he’d eventually exact revenge. I think his words aptly address the nature of our actions: when we do that which is good, it comes back to us and usually in greater volume than the original act. In organizations, this premise is expressed by the words "social responsibility”. But individuals like me and my friend (and you!), can also be socially responsible. We can give our time and our talents as volunteers in the effort to help our sisters and daughters around the world. When we do, our efforts return to the world in the form of educated women and girls, thoughtful new leaders and burgeoning communities.

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Volunteering Abroad: How My Experience Changed Everything

This past December, I volunteered in Tanzania teaching a group of supremely lovable 10-13 year olds. It was important to me to contribute to a project that was community driven. I wanted to address a real need identified by local people, and with Cross-Cultural Solutions (CCS), all partners with whom CCS volunteers work are locally run. The community identifies a need, and CCS volunteers provide supplemental support.

So how was the need for volunteer English instructors identified? Well, in Tanzania, primary school is taught in Swahili, and students learn English casually. However, in order to move on to secondary school—taught exclusively in English—students have to pass a test administered in English. So you can see how the community determined that fluent English-speaking volunteers like me could help students achieve English proficiency. As a volunteer, I also freed up staff so that they could focus on the 1000 other tasks that go into running a school. While I was in front of the classroom sharing my favorite Dr. Seuss book, staff members were able to sew bags to be sold to raise money for supplies.

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One Woman

TIAW’s mission is to connect leading women’s organizations worldwide to leverage their reach and resources, creating a global community of economically empowered women.

Economically empowered women become self empowered and self empowered women can change villages, cities, communities, the world.

What does this mean to you, the professional woman, the business woman?

What Does Volunteerism Mean to People With Disabilities?

This is a very important topic in the life of people with disabilities since most of them enjoy serving people without looking back for any reward. Most of them believe they can play their part in the world by using their expertise and skills anywhere they find themselves. They work very assiduously to make great changes despite all odds. Most of them are always guided by their passion, personal experience, mission focused rather than profit driven and above all, they focus on transformation. We need to learn about this type of full commitment or dedication to mankind.

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