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April 2013


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1. Become a Mentor
2. Every Successful Woman Inspires Other Women
3. Maximize Your Growth by Educating People With Disabilities
4. Highlights from Women in the World Summit

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Every Successful Woman Inspires Other Women

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2013 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report

Calling all Global CEOs -- Have You Signed the UN Women's Empowerment Principles Yet?

TIAW Announces the Passing of Past President

Hannah Sorscher



President's Message

Dear colleagues and friends,

TIAW’s Global Forum is on the horizon for October 7 and 8 in the international gateway city of Miami. The forum will focus this year on the opportunities for growth on a global scale. You know and I know that women have arrived at the global market gateway…we account for $20 trillion of global consumer spending (65%). Accompanying our spend is the World Bank’s prediction of a $5 trillion jump in our global income. You will want to learn how TIAW and its association members and partners are addressing growth issues for women. This year you can attend not only our conference but also two adjacent conferences that are aligned with our programming! Please visit our website in the coming weeks for more information.

As recently reported in Fast Company’s online story, "In both emerging markets and developed nations, women's power of influence extends well beyond the traditional roles of family and education to government, business, and the environment. And this is just the start of a sweeping change. Women around the globe have more control over their life choices and path than ever before”. Read the story here.

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Become a Mentor!

TIAW members are experienced women in their fields, who have giving back in their DNA. Well, here’s a way to give back in a direct and impactful way. TIAW is partnering with the Cherie Blair Foundation on their Mentoring Women in Business Programme. Launched in 2010, the program has matched nearly 1,000 mentors and protégées from 55 countries, for 1-year periods of monthly support communications.

The response to the program thus far has been overwhelmingly positive, with protégées reporting gaining confidence and skills, hiring more employees, and gaining new clients as a result of being mentored, and mentors reporting tremendous satisfaction and honed leadership skills. Read the Foundation’s mentoring impact wall to see what they have to say for themselves about the experience!

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Maximize Your Growth by Educating People With Disabilities (PWDs)!

An open forum was created aimed at representing the voices of people with disabilities and leading to important discussions about the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and its sustainability. It was named "World We Want 2015” and had the general caption "Post- 2015 Global Thematic Consultation on addressing Inequalities, Co led by UNICEF and UN Women supported by the Governments of Denmark and Ghana”. Its focus was on people like you and I to participate and bring our views. The inclusion of all groups of people in the discussion is a great idea, worthy of emulation: having known that we are all in this MDG saga together and therefore achieving the measurable global goals.

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Highlights from the 2013 Women in the World Summit

The 2013 Women in the World Summit with theme of Stories & Solutions took place during April 4-5 in New York City. The Summit had a full two-day agenda with speakers and participants that would "explore the global issues behind the news through narratives of courageous, indomitable pioneers from disparate cultures who are fighting for the rights of women and girls.” The Summit was hosted by Newsweek and The Daily Beast.Click on a link below to read full article.

How to Build a Woman Leader
To Strengthen Economies, Let Women Work
Hillary Clinton Vows to Continue the Fight for Women Across the Globe


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